web based

The OurMembers software is Web based and provides a multi user personalized portal for your church, parish, or congregation.

Fully Secure

The OurMembers software is fully secured with an SSL Certificate, 2048-bit encryption. Daily backups included with subscription.


The OurMembers software is fully bilingual, with usage in the language of choice, English or French. Bilingual Income Tax Receipts available


Your subscription includes full support by email and telephone.

Church Administration

Innovative, state of the art software developed specifically for Church Administration.

Members List

Registry of Families and Members within your parish and contributors to the parish life. Prepare lists, phone directory, mailing labels and various reports.

Donations, Receipts, Finances

Manage all your donations. Data capture specifically developed for envelope entries. Issue immediate and yearly Income Tax Receipts. Complete accounting software and reporting.

Electronic Banking

Can be setup with your financial institution for automatic withdrawals, and you manage and generate your own transfer files. Can be setup for direct deposit for payroll and other suppliers of services. (Setup fee may be required).


Pastoral Services Registry

Enter information for upcoming baptisms and prepare Baptismal Registry Forms. Enter all past and new baptism information and be ready to prepare Baptismal Certificates on demand. Manage the preparation to new sacraments, such as first communion, confirmation and more.

Mass Calendar

Manage all Mass Intentions using specialized calendar option. Manage Mass celebrants. Prepare lists, reports and calculate Mass Stipends.

Volunteer Management

Manage all activities and volunteers. Prepare lists by activities and by volunteer. Activities can be customized to your needs.


Statistics on Households and Residents, donations by type and envelope type, Income Tax Receipts.

App Pricing

  • This package includes the following functionalities.
  • $20 / month
  • Members Registry
  • Pastoral Services Management
  • Donations and Income Tax Receipts
  • Church Accounting and Reporting
  • Funeral Prearrangements
  • Electronic Check Printing
  • Volunteer Management
  • Lotery Management
  • Mass Calendar ... and more
  • Support
  • Sign up
  • This package includes all basic functionalities plus extra.
  • $25 / month
  • Basic Functionalities +
  • Electronic Banking (setup fee required)
  • Support
  • Sign up

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