To complete the Basic Church Administration software Setup will require a number of steps once we receive this initial contact email with your information.

1 - Fill in the required contact information and press Send Contact Form, to permit us to contact you to complete the setup.
2 - The next step will require a confirmation from you that you wish to proceed, and you will be asked to provide the names of the persons that will access the OurMembers software.
3 - A Contract agreement will be sent to you which will require your signature. You will be asked to return it by fax.
4 - The billing will be on a yearly basis, an invoice will be sent to you to secure payment. Payments can be made by check, eTransfer, Visa or Mastercard.
5 - Once the system setup is complete, you will have access to start using your system.
6 - If data is to be imported to the new system, special arrangements can be made on a case by case basis. Importing fees will apply.

Fill in the required information       All fields are mandatory